Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Street sign in Tarbert (Kintyre)

Street sign in Tarbert (Kintyre)

Independence starts here: Scotland will have a referendum about independence in 2014. In the meantime, the Highlands & Islands started printing Gaelic names on street signs. This could be difficult for tourists in future … I would never find Campbeltown but understand that this name had to go for good.

This is post is a response to the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post.

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6 Antworten zu Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

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  2. pix & kardz schreibt:

    oh wow, that will be very confusing for sure! i suppose Gaelic and corresponding foreign language dictionaries will come into use, so the publishers will have a good business! 🙂

    • Heidrun Jänchen schreibt:

      At least they use Gaelic and English. It’s even stranger in supermarkets. The word for „bakery“ is about two meters long and does not resemble anything like „bake“. However, the sound of Gaelic is great, definitely.

      • lawgunsandfreedom schreibt:

        Have a vacation in Cymru. At some places you won’t understand a word until you tell them you don’t speak gaelic.

      • Heidrun Jänchen schreibt:

        Been there, done that. Funny enough I learned a fistful of words during the three weeks of my holidays. But street signs in Wales are the best way to slow down traffic: You have to read through all the Gaelic stuff until you find something helpful. If you try to read bottom-up, they put the English version on top just to drive you crazy.

      • lawgunsandfreedom schreibt:

        Aye! It’s real fun. They know how to annoy the English and other foreigners 😀

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